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Keywords are: 'newplayer player advice' Here are various pieces of advice handed down from Dentin for new players: Do's: - Try to always level your cheapest class. If there's a tie pick the one that you like more. - If you can, keep about a dozen practices in reserve. You never know when you'll need a new spell, skill, or stat point in something. - Use the 'advice' command to make sure you've got the basics covered. - Below level 10, you should be on the island of Sloe. - Between levels 11 and 19, you should be on the island of Kordan. - Between levels 20 and 28, you should be on the island of Archais. Don'ts: - If you're a warrior or melee fighter, don't focus on protective armor. Your job as a fighter is usually to make things dead, not act as a punching bag. Focus on equipment with hitroll, damroll, and attacks first. - Don't spend all your practices trying to raise your stats. Stats without spells or skills won't help you much. - Don't level only one class and ignore the others. If you do, your character will be weak, pitiful, and difficult to play. - Don't spend all your practices on spells and skills. Stats are needed to cast spells and use your skills effectively. - Don't level all your classes to the same level. If you do, it will take you two years of grinding just to get your sixth class to level 1. - Don't try to go to Ralnoth. Do not listen to players who tell you to go to Ralnoth. Stay on the islands until you hit at least level 27.

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