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Keywords are: 'cleric curse afflict affliction' Spell: afflict Mana: 4 Wis: 12 Chr: 11 Lvl 1 Cler (28%) (important) (Can Be Groupcast) (Curse) Usage: cast afflict <target> The 'afflict' curse causes disruptive energy to course up and down the body of the target. While it holds, they experience discomfort and unease that causes their movement and mana regeneration to be lowered. This is merely a side effect: the curse weakens the aura of the target, lowering their spellsave and making them more vulnerable to magical attacks such as other curses. The most potent effect of the afflict curse is how it interacts with the cleric 'inflict' spells. When inflict wounds, chasten, inflict suffering or harm is cast upon an afflicted enemy, the energy of the curse is discharged, ending its effects while increasing the damage of the triggering spell.

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