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Keywords are: 'enchant legendary artificer' Skill: artificer enchant Lvl 37 Any (21%) (helpful) Requires: enchant essence Skill: legendary enchant Lvl 38 Any (21%) (helpful) Requires: enchant essence Usage: enchant <object> artifice enchant <object> legendary The 'artificer enchant' skill is one that encompasses a broad range of artisan and crafting techniques designed to maximize the efficacy of a skillfully constructed piece of equipment. It allows a character to raise the level of the enchanted item. Single level equipment is raised by one level, while total level equipment is raised by two to four levels, to a maximum of the enchanter's level. Total level equipment cannot be raised beyond 131 total levels. The 'legendary enchant' skill is an ancient and powerful ritual that infuses a portion of your soul into the enchanted object. It causes a piece of equipment to be bound and personalized to your character's levels, adding class flags if your character is the maximum level in that class. As the enchantments are inextricably intertwined with your character's essence and legacy, equipment so bound can never be unbound. Both of these enchantments can raise the maximum potential of further enchants and reforges for an item. Enchantments such as these are taxing on the enchanter's body, draining his mana, movement, and, in case of legendary enchants, health. Each such enchant also costs a practice. These enchantments are permanent and have a high cost of gold.

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