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Keywords are: 'cleric spell astral bridge' Spell: astral bridge Mana: 15 Wis: 31 Chr: 27 Lvl 34 Cler (28%) Requires: waypoint lore This skill must be unlocked by completing a quest. Usage: cast astral bridge <waypoint number> cast astral bridge <waypoint keyword> This cleric spell allows the caster to bridge a much larger waypoint distance for a rather small mana cost. This reduces the need for waypoint bridging and makes it much easier to traverse large distances. Techniques involving the astral plane for transportation were a specialty of the wizards of the Duchy of Feiran. Unfortunately, a magical catastrophe befell the nation many centuries ago, and that area of the world has since been known as Lufia's Folly. Astral travel magic was thought to have been lost with the wizards, but the ancient ruins may yet hold the secrets of the spell.

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