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Keywords are: 'warrior skill bash' Skill: bash Lvl 7 Warr (21%) (important) Requires: lunge Speed: very slow Usage: bash <opponent> Bash is an offensive maneuver where you throw yourself into an opponent in an attempt to cause blunt damage. Successful bashes may also put the target temporarily into a compromised position, allowing you to do more damage. Since bash involves using the momentum of your own body, it can be difficult to get back into fighting position, and the character will be lagged for short time after bashing. One of the drawbacks of bash is that in using your own body, you often inflict damage upon yourself. Also, highly skilled defenders may avoid your attack and use the opportunity to trip or counterattack. Higher dexterity helps you strike the target more squarely, so the maximum amount of force applied. Bashing works best when you use a shield, as it partially protects you from damage. Shields with damroll will deal extra damage as well. Certain magical shields can also deal elemental damage and may even allow you to bash ethereal creatures. Without a shield, an outer cloak or coat that is specially enchanted will allow you to bash ethereal entities.

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