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Keywords are: 'channel auction bid escrow' Format: bid bid show bid <amount> bid <amount> -force The 'bid' command with no arguments will show you the stats and current bid price of whatever is currently on the auction block. The 'bid show' command will show you the descriptions for the object currently being auctioned. This can be useful if you don't know what the object is, how it is used, or where it is worn. To bid on an item, put a number after the bid command. 'bid 35' will place a bid of 35 gold for whatever is on the auction block. You must have enough gold to place the bid, and the submitter of the item can not place bids against it. Also, a minimum of 20% of your bid will be held in escrow - should you default on a bid by logging off or dropping gold, you will lose the escrow amount. If you use the '-force' option when bidding, you will automatically withdraw from your bank account to fill the bid. See also, 'auction channel'.

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