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Keywords are: 'mage spell blaze' Spell: blaze Mana: 5 Int: 36 Wis: 33 Lvl 38 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: fireweb and fire focusing Damage Type: fire Damage: moderate (special, see text) Speed: fast Usage: cast blaze <target> 'Blaze' is an unusual high level mage spell requiring the channeling and manipulation of elemental fire magic to a fine degree. It is used to intensify ambient heat around the targeted creature. Generally, the heat is merely uncomfortable: the equivalent of being scorched by a modest campfire. However, if the target is on fire, the flames intensify, broiling the target with a burst of raw heat. With its swift casting time and effecient use of mana (when used in conjunction with fireweb), blaze can be used to deal damage in a hurry. It can, on occasion, extinguish the flames on a burning opponent with a particularly potent heat bloom. And like fireweb, this spell does not function underwater. It is also generally less effective in watery terrain such as swamps, rivers and oceans. Due to these limitations, some mages prefer to stick to more reliable fire spells. However, in most situations blaze can be used with spectacular results.

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