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Keywords are: 'cleric spell blindness cure' Spell: blindness Mana: 22 Wis: 21 Chr: 17 Lvl 13 Cler (28%) Requires: clumsiness Spell: cure blindness Mana: 15 Wis: 18 Chr: 14 Lvl 12 Cler (42%) (obscure) Usage: cast blindness <target> cast cure blindness <target> The 'blindness' is considered an offensive spell, and has only a short duration. The target is allowed a saving throw against the spell, and very high level characters are extremely difficult to blind. This spell may be removed by 'remove curse' or 'cure blindness'. The 'cure blindness' spell serves to undo or cancel the blind spell. It is not guaranteed to completely remove a blindness spell upon success, however it does have a much higher probability of success than 'remove curse'. For each successful cast, the duration of the targeted blind spell is reduced until it is removed.

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