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Keywords are: 'necromancer skills blood bottling bottle' Skill: blood bottling Lvl 30 Necr (28%) (important) Requires: life tap and bottling Group: Necromancer Blood Skills Usage: bottle tap blood - lifetap and bottle some of your own blood harvest blood <corpse> - harvest and bottle blood from a corpse cast bloodmist - cast bloodmist using bottled blood The 'blood bottling' skill allows necromancers to harvest and preserve blood for later use. Blood from other creatures is less powerful than blood tapped directly from your own veins. Blood tapped from yourself creates a bound potion you can use to restore hp, mana, and movement later. Blood harvested from corpses creates a blood-group spell component which can be used in brews and for other purposes. Having bottled blood in your inventory when casting the 'bloodmist' spell eliminates the need to tap blood from yourself. Each bottle costs a small amount of gold to create, and you use mana to alter the blood into a stable form for storage. Bottling your blood when you have certain blood-infused spells active can result in potions with differing properties.

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