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Keywords are: 'necromancer skill bloodsacrifice bsacrifice sacrifice' Skill: blood sacrifice Lvl 3 Necr (42%) (critical) Usage: bloodsac <corpse> bsac <corpse> This basic necromancer skill is the foundation of the necromancer 'blood' skill group. Before sacrificing the corpse to the gods, a necromancer may sacrifice the blood, drawing power from the blood and giving mana to the sacrificer. Note that this implies there must be blood present. Undead, elemental, and a slew of other creatures have no blood, and you cannot perform a blood sacrifice on those corpses. In addition to restoring the magical powers of the sacrificer, a small amount of health may also be obtained. When in dire need, a blood sacrifice may mean the difference between life and death. You may also perform the sacrifice on behalf of another party.

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