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Keywords are: 'cleric spell cure light serious critical major healing soothe bolster wounds' Spell: soothe wounds Mana: 7 Wis: 12 Chr: 11 Lvl 1 Cler (42%) (critical) Spell: bolster Mana: 14 Wis: 17 Chr: 13 Lvl 9 Cler (28%) (critical) Requires: soothe wounds Spell: heal Mana: 28 Wis: 22 Chr: 18 Lvl 17 Cler (42%) (critical) Requires: bolster Spell: major heal Mana: 50 Wis: 26 Chr: 22 Lvl 23 Cler (28%) (critical) Requires: heal Usage: cast soothe wounds <target> cast bolster <target> cast heal <target> cast major heal <target> The above are all healing spells which restores the health of the target These spells are divine powers granted to clerics by the gods. In addition to healing, these spells will remove the ongoing damage from acid. The 'soothe wounds' spell is the weakest healing spell. It heals injuries and removes pain, restoring health and a small amount of movement. While it can help stave off death for a mortally wounded person, it works best for treating non-lethal wounds. The 'bolster spell restores both the health and the well-being of the target, raising their morale. Both the 'heal' and 'major heal' spells restore large amounts of hitpoints. Targets of heal may feel a rebound of energy as their pain is lessened. Major heal is so strong that when casting it on another person, the caster may regain a small amount of health as the magic courses through them.

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