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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell bone dragon flying mounts' Spell: bone dragon Mana: 54 Int: 34 Wis: 32 Lvl 37 Necr (28%) (helpful) Requires: skeletal mage This spell uses several dragon teeth and a purple soul stone to create a skeletal dragon to act as a mount. The spell can only be cast outdoors, in view of the sky. Only the summoner can ride the bone dragon and direct its flight. A bone dragon only acts as a means of transportation, and will not participate in combat. The 'mount' and 'fly' commands are used to interact with the bone dragon. Usage: mount <name> mount stat fly <direction> <distance> 'Mount stat' will give details on the mount you are currently riding. 'Mount <name>' will attempt to climb aboard the mount. 'fly stop' will command the dragon to stop moving and fly in place.

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