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Keywords are: 'necromancer skill crafting bonecrafting' Skill: bonecraft Lvl 17 Necr (42%) (obscure) Requires: harvest bone and woodcraft Profession Usage: bonecraft list bonecraft check <item> bonecraft create <item> <bone> bonecraft create <item> <bone> <player> bonecraft finish <item> This skill allows a necromancer to apply their knowledge of woodcraft and cadavers to craft with harvested bones. Not all woodcrafted items can be made from bone. The skill is primarily used to produce bone handles for forged blades, as well as bone clubs, canes and staffs. There are a small number of items that can be made from bone but not from wood, such as rings. Bonecrafted objects are made at your necromancer level, or the necromancer level of the person you are fashioning an object for, whichever is less. Most bonecrafted items are necromancer flagged when finished. Some particularly macabre necromancers enjoy fashioning cups and other tableware from bones as well.

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