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Keywords are: 'skill brewing potion submitting recipes focus' Skill: brew potion Lvl 12 Mage (28%) (important) Profession Skill: brew focus Lvl 25 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: potion lore Profession Format: brew potion inventory brew potion <object list> brew potion submit inventory brew potion submit <object list> brew potion focus <spell> inventory brew potion focus <spell> <object list> The brew potion skill allows the mage to mix up herbs and spell components in a liquid container, producing a mixture with magical effects. The number of effects present is determined by the number of ingredients used. If a large number of ingredients are used and the container is large enough, multiple doses of the potion may be brewed at once. Potions will eventually go bad, losing effectiveness and eventually becoming utterly useless. The object list may contain up to one liquid container, and any number of herb or spell component items. Food may also be used, but with lesser effect. Any of the items involved may be either in the brewers inventory, or on the ground. You may submit potion recipes for inclusion in the master list of the alchemist's guild by adding the submit keyword. A public list of potion recipes is maintained by the guild at: If you brew a potion with adverse side effects, it is typically better to empty it onto the ground instead of drinking it. However, some brews are potent enough to have an effect upon the ground they are poured on - be warned! Note that the fundamental universal constants that govern the brewing of potions tend to change as the mud expands, and that abrupt changes in what brews what will occur from time to time. Experienced potion brewers can use the 'brew focus' skill to attempt to get a particular spell out of a given brew. The chance of getting the spell is increased when focusing, but the chance of getting other spells is decreased. Focusing a brew uses mana. You can use the 'autobrew' feature to make potion brewing easier. Autobrew supports brew focus recipes. Potions can be bottled if you know the 'bottling' skill. When you successfully brew a potion you will see a message like this: Your brew turns to a sparkling amber liquid, and the potion is complete.

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