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Keywords are: 'skill survivalist butchering meat steak' Skill: butchering Lvl 1 Any (42%) (helpful) Profession Usage: butcher <corpse> butcher stop The 'butchering' skill allows the hardy adventurer to make better, more efficient use of the meat that might be found on slain animals and some other creatures. While any idiot can wield a knife and cut something up, those with a well honed butchering skill will be able to salvage far more meat in larger pieces. Additionally, those without at least some level of training may cut the wrong thing at the wrong time and mistakenly contaminate some of the meat. A few cases of people being poisoned by poorly cut meat crop up from time to time. In addition to flesh from various beasts, you can butcher fish you catch that weigh at least three pounds into more manageable pieces.

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