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Keywords are: 'boats carried' A boat item is something you carry with you, be it as big as a canoe or as small as the fabled magical clam shell. Having a boat with you, either in your inventory or worn, will allow you to cross streams and other bodies of water. If you lack a boat and are a mage, the 'fly' spell will have a similar effect. Note that carried boats are usually little more than floatation devices. For information on ships and seafaring boats, see 'help seafaring boats'. Near places that you will need a boat, something is usually available, even if it be a poor substitute such as a piece of driftwood. Some characters opt to get the swimming skill, which eliminates the need for a boat item. Good swimmers are also able to move faster than people in big clunky boats, but mages with the 'fly' spell can still outpace all others.

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