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Keywords are: 'druid skill carve carving woodcarving runes petroglyph scrimshaw firebrand brand' Skill: carve runes Lvl 5 Drui (28%) (critical) Profession Skill: petroglyph Lvl 22 Drui (28%) (important) Requires: carve runes Profession Skill: scrimshaw Lvl 15 Drui (28%) (important) Requires: carve runes Profession Skill: firebrand Lvl 8 Drui (28%) (important) Requires: carve runes Profession Usage: carve rune <object> - carve a rune into an item Carving and binding runes to objects lends some of the power of the rune to the item, and indirectly, to the user of a runed item. Wood is the easiest material to carve on and requires no additional skill. If you can carve runes in wood, you can also carve them into objects made from roots, wax, resin or fruit. It should be noted that it is very uncommon to find durable items made from these materials. For adding runes to leather and hides, the 'firebrand' skill is required. It is possible to carve on bone by learning the art of 'scrimshaw'. To carve on most types of rock, glass, and crystal, you must learn the 'petroglyph' skill. This skill also allows runecarving on certain types of ice. While not exactly carving, the process of embroidering runes onto clothing is similar enough that it can be done if you are familiar with the 'tailoring' skill. Rune carvers almost invariably get the best results by not trying to force specific runes. The geometry, history, and other ineffable aspects of an item may serve to make it amenable to certain types of runes but not others. Embedding runes into an item is a fairly time consuming and magic intensive act. It should be noted that runes can only be added to finished crafts. Crafting alters the magical properties of objects, and the mere act of crafting can physically damage any runes on an item.

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