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Keywords are: 'channeled casting channelcast ccast channeling' Usage: channelcast [runeword] <spell> <target> ccast [runeword] <spell> <target> Channeled spellcasting is an advanced spellcasting technique used to alter the way spells are cast. It can be used in variety of different ways. Unless stated otherwise, using a runeword causes a spell to use slightly more mana and lags the caster for longer. The runeword 'Alu' makes a channeled spell take much longer to cast and is more easily interrupted, but uses much less mana than usual. The primary use is to conserve mana when using combative spells. Because the spells are easily interrupted, mages typically only cast spells with this technique when protected by a team member. The runeword 'Ort' increases the "pressure" exerted by the force fields that guide the raw elemental energy, making them impact harder. This adds the blast damage type to the spell. The runeword 'Luk' focuses the elemental energy of a spell into a narrow cutting beam that does edged damage. A spell so altered is virtually unrecognizeable, and has none of its other properties. For example, a shower of sparks spell focused in this manner would not cause blindness, and an icebolt spell so focused does not take armor into account. The runeword 'Tal' adds more mana to spell's matrix, increasing its power. This usually manifests as additional damage. The runeword 'Ganta' helps the caster focus on the spell, making it more likely to succeed at casting. This can be useful when afflicted by curses or conditions that interfer with casting ability, or when trying to improve at spells. The runeword 'Ilnak' transforms the spell's matrix, increasing the amount of magic involved. The spell does magic damage in addition to its elemental types. This makes spells more potent against creatures that are vulnerable to magic. There are other runes that can be used for channel casting. Use the 'rune' command to see a list of runes and if they can be channel cast. Only certain combative spells can be cast in this way, and only if the mage knows the appropriate 'focusing' skill. If no runeword is specified, 'Alu' will be used by default.

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