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Keywords are: 'cleric petition celestials audience angels glory repentance' Skill: celestial audience Lvl 30 Cler (28%) (critical) Requires: petition incarnate Usage: petition angel [option] A cleric can petition an angel and invite him to perform a task on his behalf by offering favor in exchange. If the cleric follows a god with the 'demon' sphere, a vesper will come instead. Vespers cannot perform all the boons, but some can answer petitions in places other angels fear to tread. The options are as follows: Groupcasting - An angel can join your group momentarily to boost the level of a groupcast spell. If there are only two players in your group, you can use the angel as a third to complete the groupcasting. Spellcomp - An angel can provide spell components suitable for brews. Angelic spell components tend to have an affinity for cleric spells and unguents. Healing - An angel can heal the target of all ailments, curses and poisons and bring him to full health, mana and movement. Repentance - An angel can bestow a boon on the target, causing the Forces of Good of the cosmos to take notice of them. This allows the target to gain good alignment at an increased rate as he defeats evil creatures in battle. It should be noted that vespers cannot grant the repentance boon. Glory - An angel can bestow this boon on the target, whereupon the target gains an angel's inate ability to do increased damage against evil opponents for the duration.

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