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Keywords are: 'cleric curse spell censure demon' Spell: censure demon Mana: 32 Wis: 34 Chr: 30 Lvl 35 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: protection from demons Group: Cleric inquisition spellgroup (Can Be Groupcast) (Curse) Usage: cast censure <target> The 'censure demon' curse is an unusual, uncommon spell that affects demonkind. Most demons by their nature are resistant to good aligned attacks, and are protected from good alignments. This curse somehow destroys that resistance, and makes demons easier for good aligned characters to target and destroy. The curse also reduces some of a demon's natural immunity to physical attacks, which makes it effective even for neutral or evil aligned attackers. Unusually enough, this curse also counters some of the native bonuses that certain types of angels possess. Creatures under the effects of this curse will take extra damage from the radiant orbs and sunbeam spells.

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