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Keywords are: 'charisma chrisma stats statistic' Charisma is hard to quantify, but it is generally understood as your confidence or social weight. Charismatic characters appear more attractive and trustworthy than those with lower charisma. They can more easily navigate social situations. Charisma helps with: - avoiding fights with aggressive monsters - thief steal skills and shadow exposure limit - warrior intimidate and morale skills - druid animal handling skills - necromancer and druid minion and control spells - shopkeeper prices In addition, charisma is required to use most cleric spells and skills. Clerical powers are granted by the gods, and powerful priests must have the charisma both to appease the gods and convert the followers that a god's power depends on. Charisma can be magically augmented, via the 'presence' spell. You can raise your charisma permanently with the 'train' command.

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