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Keywords are: 'cleric spell chasten' Spell: chasten Mana: 7 Wis: 18 Chr: 14 Lvl 7 Cler (28%) (critical) Requires: inflict wounds Damage Type: nonorm (special conditions, see text) Damage: low Speed: average Usage: cast inflict wounds <target> The 'chasten' spell uses divine power to inflict minor injuries to the bodies of opponents. It does not do much damage, but it completely ignores armor and almost all magical and physical defenses. This spell is close range - you must be willing to engage in melee combat to cast it and cannot have nomelee on. In addition to inflicting physical damage, this spell batters the target's soul, causing them to lose morale. It is most potent when the caster is wielding a blunt weapon like a mace or hammer. Only living creatures are demoralized. Both the 'afflict' curse and the 'death and decay' spell increase the potency of this spell.

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