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Keywords are: 'mage spell chill touch' Spell: chill touch Mana: 5 Int: 15 Wis: 11 Lvl 3 Mage (28%) (critical) Damage Type: ice Damage: low (special, see text) Speed: fast (Can Be Channeled) Usage: cast chill touch <target> 'Chill touch' is a low level cold spell that does damage to the target. It also weakens the target for a short time, lowering their strength and dexterity. Chilled creatures are also more vulnerable to normal, non-magical damage and cold damage. Multiple castings of chill touch deepen the hypothermia. It can be countered by campfires and the mage 'melt' skill. Creatures more powerful than you or resistant to magic are more difficult to chill. Creatures made primarily from fire or ice cannot be chilled.

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