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Keywords are: 'cleric spell clasp of corruption' Spell: clasp of corruption Mana: 88 Wis: 31 Chr: 27 Lvl 28 Cler (28%) (important) Requires: harm Damage Type: nonorm Damage: (special, see text) (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast clasp of corruption cast clasp of corruption <target> The 'clasp of corruption' spell builds off of the cleric inflict spells. It is an offensive cleric spell which shaves remaining health from the target. The spell is more powerful against enemies with a lot of hit points, and less effective against enemies with low health. Therefore, the spell is most efficient when used against very powerful enemies. It is also far more effective against living creatures. To use this spell, you must have a hand free and be able to touch your opponent.

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