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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell coldfire fire unfire' Spell: coldfire Mana: 6 Int: 13 Wis: 11 Lvl 1 Necr (42%) (critical) Damage Type: ice Damage: minor Speed: average (Can Be Bloodcast) Coldfire, or 'unfire' as it is often called, is the antithesis of normal fire. It absorbs heat and light, burning with a flame that can only be described as 'blue-black, and blindingly dark'. Its exact origins and planar orientation are unknown, and it can only be summoned in small amounts and for limited times. Coldfire was discovered by necromancers, and for a time threw the entire theory of elemental spellcasting into disarray. Eventually it was determined that coldfire is not elemental based, and is somehow related to the spirit realm instead of the elemental realms. As a result of this, coldfire is typically taught to low level necromancers as an introductory spell. Due to its spiritual nature, coldfire can even damage creatures made from ice. When cast in combat, coldfire is summoned and thrown at the target like a small unfireball. When cast on yourself, a small, stable ball of coldfire is created. This ball of coldfire may be used in brews. Because its spectral nature burns the soul as well as the body, coldfire also lowers the morale of enemies.

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