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Keywords are: 'mage spell cone of cold' Spell: cone of cold Mana: 16 Int: 30 Wis: 26 Lvl 27 Mage (28%) (critical) Requires: frost bite Damage Type: ice Damage: high (special, see text) Speed: slow (Can Be Channeled) Usage: cast cone of cold <target> Of the well known elemental cold spells, 'cone of cold' is the most powerful, and also the most dangerous as it is difficult to direct and aim. The spell creates a wide cone of intense cold which is aimed at the target, and does damage. The presence of water enhances the effects of the spell, but the spell itself cannot be cast under or into water. The inability to easily direct the cone has a good side as well, in that it is much easier to hit large targets, and large targets occupy more of the cone and hence take more damage. This spell is also significantly different from the other major cold spells in that it relies more on raw elemental cold than ice. As any competent mage would know, it is much easier to manipulate and control large amounts of cold in conjunction with ice - and the very lack of ice in the cone of cold spell is one of the primary reasons for the difficulty in controlling the spread and direction of the cone. But the use of raw elemental cold also has an advantage, in that heavy armor or tough hide will not protect the target.

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