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Keywords are: 'cleric curse spell confusion mass' Spell: confusion Mana: 28 Wis: 26 Chr: 22 Lvl 22 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: feeble mind (Can Be Groupcast) (Curse) Spell: mass confusion Mana: 55 Wis: 30 Chr: 26 Lvl 28 Cler (28%) (obscure) Requires: confusion (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast confusion <target> cast mass confusion These two curses are used to confound one's enemies. Any character affected by these spells will have difficulty concentrating in combat, and may also not recognize other familiar characters or objects in the area. The effects of confusion are equivalent to being stoned out of your gourd. 'Confusion' is a mid- to high-level cleric spell, requiring modest charisma and high wisdom to cast. Mass confusion is a high level cleric spell, with higher charisma requirements. As with any area effect spell, 'mass confusion' is not quite as effective as the targeted confusion spell. The most effective use of mass confusion is when fighting a large group of enemies. As curses, the effects of confusion are best countered by 'lift curse', though 'dispel magic' can remove the effects with some difficulty.

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