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Keywords are: 'cleric spell consecrate armor explode' Skill: consecrate armor Lvl 11 Cler (21%) (helpful) Requires: continual light Group: Cleric divine conjuration spellgroup Format: consecrate <target> consecrate <target> permanent The 'consecrate armor' skill attempts to bind an enchantment to an item. It requires mana and favor to use. The spell will only work on plain, unaffected armors. The enchantment attempts to make the armor more rigid and protective, but has been known on occasion to add strange, random effects as well. Non-permanent consecration is stronger in the short term but will gradually become weaker with time, until eventually the spell fades completely. The same piece of armor can be enchanted again after a temporary consecration has worn off. Note that items that are already magical in nature or that simply have certain structure cannot be consecrated. Most often this is found by trial and error. Also, attempting a permanent consecrate costs much more mana and favor than a temporary one. 'Dispel magic', if exactly applied, can be used to remove enchantments of this nature. Attempting to remove enchantments is not without risk, however. The amount of magic bound into enchantments is usually quite large, and can be difficult (or deadly) to remove.

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