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Keywords are: 'necromancer skill consult demon lockinfo temptations' Skill: consult demon Lvl 17 Necr (21%) (important) Requires: demon familiar Certain types of demon have a long (very long) history of collecting information about creatures, items and other things in the material plane. By summoning and consulting with one of these demons, you may learn something new. You can summon demons to consult with for several types of information: summon demon [soulstone] identify <object> summon demon [soulstone] lockinfo <door/object> summon demon [soulstone] job [object name] For identify, the demon will examine an object you have on hand and give you information about where it comes from and possible uses, if it knows any. This costs a green soulstone. For lockinfo, the demon will examine a door and attempt to ascertain what key unlocks it, if any. This costs a pale blue soulstone. For jobs, the demon will attempt to give you an idea of where an object you need for a job is located, and possibly information about the object. If no object name is specified, the demon will attempt to find information about the object needed for the first retrieval job on your job list. As it is based on you describing what you are seeking second-hand rather than the examination of an object, the cost is rather steep: a deep blue soulstone. Demons will not assist with priest-assigned jobs - indeed, they are forbidden to do so. Demons dispense information within the boundaries of the Unified Accords and may not be able to disclose details about certain items. Also, with this skill, a necromancer intent on committing acts of evil and malice can further his knowledge on such wickedness by consorting with a demon using the method: summon demon [soulstone] temptations By offering a purple soulstone or better as recompense, a demon may answer the summons and impart any ideas it may have that serve such necromancers' evil goals, thus aiding them along the path toward prime evil.

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