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Keywords are: 'cleric spell continual light' Spell: continual light Mana: 13 Wis: 13 Chr: 11 Lvl 2 Cler (85%) (critical) (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast continual light <target> 'Continual light' is one of the first that can be cast by aspiring clerics. Invoking the spell involves the offering of a small prayer for guidance and light. When the spell is cast, a small ball of light is created to guide and light the way for the target. The ball will stay until released. If you cast radiant orbs or sunbeam, these spells will emanate from the ball of light instead of you. This increases the damage of these spells. You can also use this spell to give objects a temporary light flag. Note that since the ball hovers close to the caster, it will quickly expose you if you try to hide.

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