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There is help available on the following topics: [ 1] crafting object restring revert unname unauthorize label [ 2] crafting crafts professions [ 3] object crafting additions upgrades modifications mods studs spikes rims guards chains hardware pendants charms gemstones assemble [ 4] skill crafting potion bottling bottleing [ 5] skill crafting cooking roast seasoning stirring flipping [ 6] skill crafting tailoring cloth fabric [ 7] skill crafting hatmaking hatter hats making millinery [ 8] skill crafting hatmaking hatter hats making millinery [ 9] skill crafting kiltmaking kilt plaid tartan breacan philibeg sporran [ 10] skill crafting leathercrafting bundle [ 11] skill crafting furrier fur pelts [ 12] skill crafting shellcrafting shells chitin [ 13] skill crafting knapping stone tools stoneknapping flint [ 14] skill crafting woodcrafting fletching bowyer bowcraft [ 15] skill crafting mining mine prospecting excavates excavating [ 16] skill crafting forge forging metallurgy metalworking alloying smelting ore [ 17] skill crafting forge simple weaponsmithing bladesmithing swordsmithing [ 18] skill crafting forge armor armorsmithing [ 19] skill crafting forge nihonto katanas southern-style [ 20] skill crafting forge kozane southern-style [ 21] skill crafting forge jewelry jewelrymaking jewelrysmithing jewellery goldsmith silversmith inlay gilding [ 22] skill crafting lapidary gemcutting gems jems cutting jewels jewelry inlay jewellery [ 23] skill crafting heraldry [ 24] build crafting grenades bombs fuses explosives [ 25] warrior skill crafting dragonscale dragon scale armor dragoncrafting [ 26] warrior skill forge hone honing balance customize weapon customise crafting [ 27] necromancer skill crafting bonecrafting [ 28] skill crafting forge inlay runes

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