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Keywords are: 'warrior skill battle tactics advanced cross class combinations combos attacks' Skill: battle tactics Lvl 17 Warr (21%) (critical) Requires: defensive fighting Speed: average Skill: advanced tactics Lvl 24 Warr (21%) (critical) Requires: battle tactics Speed: average Skill: cross class tactics Lvl 33 Warr (21%) (helpful) Requires: advanced tactics Speed: average Note - for much more information on battle tactics, please see the wiki article at: As warriors advance through their training, they may begin to notice certain moves and combinations of attacks that work better than others. These skills allow formal training in how to develop and use those combinations, to make individual fighting styles more specialized and refined. After learning the 'battle tactics' skill, warriors will begin to develop their attack combinations. New combinations are usually discovered at the end of a battle when the fighter has time to think and analyze what just happened. The 'advanced tactics' skill opens up the door to new combinations, including harder to perform combinations involving weapon disarming and berserking, as well as the use of more advanced combat skills. The 'cross class tactics' skill allows an experienced fighter to begin using skills from other classes, notably thief, in attack combinations. When performing a combination, each successful movement may bring a combat bonus. Successfully completing a long combination can be much more effective against an enemy than each of the moves in isolation would be. Completing a combo also has a chance of dazing or stunning an opponent. Use the 'tactics' command to view your current learned attack combinations. Remember that every player has a different set of combinations, so you can only learn them through trial and error. It may take quite some time to discover all the pieces for a combination, especially if you lack a skill required for that combination.

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