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Keywords are: 'mage spell crystal coat' Spell: crystal coat Mana: 35 Int: 23 Wis: 19 Lvl 16 Mage (28%) (important) Requires: shards Group: Mage crystal spellgroup Usage: cast crystal coat <object> The 'crystal coat' spell has two distinct uses: it can grow a protective coat of crystal on items, or it can be used to create a coat of scales to protect a creature. When used on an item, it causes a thin film of crystal to grow. The crystal adds weight, but also has the side effect of making the item almost impervious to rust and elemental forms of damage. Crystal coat can be used to prevent items from being used in brews. When cast on a character, the scales provide a substantial amount of protection from physical attacks, absorbing the force of blows by shattering while also providing resistance to various elements. Due to its high cost and short duration, this spell is usually cast on the warriors and fighters of large groups, just before battle.

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