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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell crystal skull' Spell: crystal skull Mana: 52 Int: 36 Wis: 34 Lvl 39 Necr (28%) (helpful) Requires: metal construct Usage: cast crystal skull <crystal>' This necromancer spell allows the caster to create a skull-shaped construct from an un-worked, un-hewn piece of crystal, rock or natural glass such as those recovered by mining. The floating construct follows the caster, and can defend itself with magic beam attacks. Crystal skulls are most useful against enemy spellcasters, particularly ones that cast elemental magic spells. The skull can absorb incoming magical, fire, ice and lightning attacks. While it generates no mana of its own, it can take the mana it gains from absorbing spells cast upon it to heal undead and skeletal creatures that follow its master. You need not have any knowledge of mining or lapidary to create a crystal skull. Raw materials can be found for sale in many alchemy shops. Crystal skulls retain the luster and color of the mineral they are made from, thus many different variants are seen, such as amethyst skulls or obsidian skulls. Lapidary materials that grant resistances or absorption to a particular element as their primary trait yield skulls that are better at absorbing that element, but less capable of absorbing others. They crumble into useless powder when destroyed.

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