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Keywords are: 'warrior skill forge hone balance customize weapon customise crafting' Skill: customize weapon Lvl 25 Warr (28%) Requires: forge simple weapon and double attack Skill: balance weapon Lvl 30 Warr (28%) Requires: customize weapon Skill: hone weapon Lvl 34 Warr (28%) Requires: customize weapon Usage: forge enhance damage <weapon> forge enhance balance <weapon> forge enhance hone <weapon> The 'customize weapon', 'hone weapon' and 'balance weapon' skills allow a warrior to modify and customize a weapon. Honing a weapon increases its hitroll, balancing a weapon increases its speed, and enhancing its damage alters its dieroll. The resulting dieroll is random, but usually pretty close to the initial dieroll. At low skill levels, the dieroll is typically lower than the initial dieroll, while at higher skill levels it's possible to improve the average damage of the weapon substantially. These enhancements must be done at a forge and have a gold cost proportional to the cost of the weapon. These skills require an intimate knowledge of how a weapon's weight and size effect its combat performance, in addition to weapon construction techniques. Thus knowledge of 'double attack' in the warrior weapon handling tree and 'forge simple weapon' are prerequisites.

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