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Keywords are: 'necromancer skill deathwalker deathwalking walker walking' Skill: deathwalker Lvl 32 Necr (28%) (helpful) Requires: prepare mummy Usage: deathwalk on deathwalk off This skill allows a necromancer to walk among the undead as if he were one of them. Most undead will not attack others of their kind, and the necromancer may use this to collect information or scout through undead guards. It is said that well versed necromancers are almost indistinguishable from undead when using this skill. Note that this skill does not guarantee safety! Some undead are aggressive to all comers, including their own kind. Undead guards that block other undead will also still continue to block players using this skill. This skill requires constant attention and mana to maintain, and even the most powerful necromancers are unable to maintain it indefinitely.

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