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Keywords are: 'deeds' Deeds are a category of quests. A deed is considered an act worthy of recognition. They generally involved several stages and are more complicated than feats. One way to find out what deeds are available is to profile various high level players that you see on the game, and note what deeds they have accomplished. Over time, you may also come across deeds that no other player has completed - we are adding new deeds and quests regularly. Complete lists of deeds can be displayed using the following commands: deeds - show a list of deeds you have completed deeds <player name> - show a list of deeds another player has completed deeds sloe - show a list of deeds on the island of sloe deeds kordan - show a list of deeds on the island of kordan deeds archais - show a list of deeds on the island of archais deeds all - show a list of all available deeds For information about quests, use the 'quest help' command.

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