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Keywords are: 'necromancer skill demonic favor' Skill: demonic favor Lvl 24 Necr (21%) Requires: consult demon You can summon demons to perform actions or grant you special favors: summon demon [soulstone] detection summon demon [soulstone] protection summon demon [soulstone] spellcomp summon demon [soulstone] alchemist summon demon [soulstone] power Detection grants you a full complement of detection spells. Protection grants you a full complement of protection spells. Spellcomp summons a demon willing to provide off-world spell components. Alchemist summons a demon from the demonic brewing guild, which provides reliable potion services to many creatures on many planes. Power grants you an extreme amount of magical power for a short time. You may only ask for such favors occasionally, and in each case a fairly powerful soulstone will be required as payment.

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