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Keywords are: 'mage spell detect see invisibility mass invisible' Spell: detect invisibility Mana: 12 Int: 21 Wis: 17 Lvl 15 Mage (28%) (important) Requires: dancing lights (Can Be Maintained) Spell: invisibility Mana: 45 Int: 27 Wis: 23 Lvl 24 Mage (28%) (obscure) Requires: displacement (Can Be Cast On Others) Spell: mass invisibility Mana: 105 Int: 32 Wis: 28 Lvl 30 Mage (21%) (obscure) Requires: invisibility Usage: cast detect invisibility cast invisibility <target> cast mass invisibility The most important of these, and the only one commonly taught, is 'detect invisibility'. This detection spell can only be cast on yourself, and allows you to detect other invisible items or people. The actual 'invisibility' spell is rarely taught, and is rarely useful. Because the spell to detect invisibility is so low level and easy to cast, even the most low level peasants use it. Magical creatures such as fairies, demons, angels and dragons can see through invisibility spells. It is most useful for avoiding animals, however many aggressive predators rely on scent and can still sniff you out. Additionally, other spells you may have cast on you can reveal your presence. 'Faerie fire' and 'fairy fog' reveal a faint outline, and while you remain invisible, the bright white aura of the cleric spell 'sanctuary' can still be seen. Invisibility is castable on others. Invisibility will not fade when attacking, and can be an advantage when fighting creatures without the ability to see you. 'Mass invisibility' is a powerful mage spell, used to cast invisibility on an entire group of characters at once.

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