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Keywords are: 'mage spell detect magic aura halo' Spell: detect magic Mana: 5 Int: 17 Wis: 13 Lvl 9 Mage (42%) (helpful) Requires: spell lore Group: Mage basic magics Usage: cast detect magic <target> cast detect magic room The 'detect magic' spell is very easy to learn to cast. This is not a duration spell - instead it gives the caster a glimpse of magic active on and around the target. Different types of spells will appear as overlapping auras of various colors. The color indicates the type of spell being detected. For instance, a fire spell like burning hands will add an orange hue, while the force shield spell will manifest as a cyan halo. Casting detect magic on a target allows casters to more effectively remove spells with 'dispel magic'. As dispelling alters the magical aura of the target, detect magic works best alternating between casting it and dispel magic. There are several instances where this spell may give inaccurate or useless information about the target. Powerful cleric spells can mask other portions the target's aura, sanctuary in particular. Likewise, elementals and highly magical creatues radiate powerful magic that overwhelms the aura of any spells that may be cast on them. Cleric curses and magical hexes have relatively weak auras and are better detected by the 'reveal curse' spell. The mage 'mana shield' spell blurs the target's auras and makes discerning the relative strength of the spells impossible Detect magic can also be cast on the place you're standing, and will show you if there are any wards or spells anchored to the area. It can also show the flow of magic from one place to another.

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