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Keywords are: 'warrior skill disarm' Skill: disarm Lvl 6 Warr (28%) (critical) Requires: parry Speed: slow Usage: disarm <self> disarm <opponent> Disarm is used to get an opponents weapon out of their grasp. Being a warrior skill, your ability to disarm is dependent on your warrior level. Since this skill also requires a great deal of physical control, high strength and dexterity increase the chances of success. In the hands of a skilled warrior, flexible weapons like whips and flails can entangle other weapons, making them superior for disarming attacks. The major advantages of disarming are that your opponent may not be able to do as much damage to you, and that they will be unable to parry your blows. Being disarmed can be demoralizing for an enemy as well. Note that high strength, dexterity, and warrior level will also help to prevent others from disarming you. Being dazed or stunned lowers your ability to defend against being disarmed. You must be wielding a weapon to disarm. Note that some creatures may have natural weaponry such as claws or tails that allows them to disarm when they are not wielding a weapon. To reliably disarm yourself, it's best to use the 'unwield' command.

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