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Keywords are: 'mage spell dispell magic' Spell: dispel magic Mana: 18 Int: 21 Wis: 17 Lvl 14 Mage (28%) (important) Requires: maintaining spells Usage: cast dispel magic <target> The 'dispel magic' spell is primarily used to remove magical protections and spell effects from a target. Against elementals and magical creatures it can also make a formidable weapon, damaging them with each casting. Knowledge of other spells and skills can make dispel more potent. Knowing how to cast a spell makes it easier to dispel. Likewise, knowing 'fire focusing', 'ice focusing', 'lightning focusing' or 'crystal focusing' will make it easier to dispel fire, ice, lightning or earth-based spells, respectively. Casting 'detect magic' on a target before casting dispel gives the caster insight into what spells are in play on the target. Mages with a high intelligence can have more success with dispel for a short time afterwards, as long as the target does not gain or lose any spells. The 'mana shield' spell does not stop dispel magic, but if it is active on the target, it will dispelled first, and may take a considerable amount of the caster's mana in the process. Dispel magic, if exactly applied, can be used to remove spells such as 'consecrate armor' and 'flame blade' spells. Removing the effects of consecrate armor is difficult and can be dangerous. Caution is advised. Note that dispel magic generally cannot remove curses such as 'weakness', 'confusion' or 'famine'. To remove these, the cleric 'lift curse' spell is the most effective. Likewise, it cannot remove purely physical effects such as hypothermia, burning or stunning.

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