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Keywords are: 'mage spell dispell magic' Spell: dispel magic Mana: 15 Int: 20 Wis: 16 Lvl 14 Mage (28%) (important) Requires: maintaining spells Usage: cast dispel magic <target> The 'dispel magic' spell is a low level utility spell, primarily used to remove magical protections and spell effects from a target. Against certain magical creatures it can also make a formidable weapon. The target is allowed a saving throw versus the level of the caster for each magical effect the dispel magic spell attempts to destroy. 'Dispel magic', if exactly applied, can be used to remove spells such as 'consecrate armor' and 'flame blade' spells. Removing the effects of consecrate armor is difficult and can be dangerous. Caution is advised. Note that dispel magic generally cannot remove curses such as 'weakness', 'confusion' or 'famine'. To remove these, the cleric 'remove curse' spell is the most effective.

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