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Keywords are: 'mage spell disrupt magic' Spell: disrupt magic Mana: 45 Int: 37 Wis: 33 Lvl 39 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: undo and detect magic Usage: cast disrupt magic <target> The spell 'disrupt magic' is a potent weaponization of the undo spell. With each casting, it attempts to latch onto a single spell on the target and break it, releasing a burst of disruptive magic. The type of damage the disrupted spell inflicts is based on its type, for example a fire shield spell will do fire damage if disrupted. Knowledge of a target's aura is critical to success. Casting 'detect magic' on a target before disrupt magic vastly increases the odds of success, to the point that disrupt magic is nearly useless unless preceded by a casting of detect magic. The 'mana shield' spell affords the best protection from disrupt magic, as it is too difficult to latch onto and destroy the spell's matrix. Like dispel magic, knowledge of other spells and skills can make disrupt magic more powerful. Knowing how to cast a spell makes it easier to disrupt. Likewise, knowing 'fire focusing', 'ice focusing', 'lightning focusing' or 'crystal focusing' will make it easier to disrupt fire, ice, lightning or earth-based spells, respectively. Also like dispel magic, it has no affect on curses. Unlike dispel magic, it cannot be cast on objects or rooms. It does harm elemental and magical creatures, but is not effective at removing their spells, and does less damage to them than dispel magic.

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