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Keywords are: 'warrior skill crafting dragonscale dragon scale armor dragoncrafting' Skill: dragonscale armor Lvl 19 Warr (28%) (helpful) Requires: dragon lore and leathercraft Profession The 'dragonscale armor' skill is based on a knowledge of crafting leather armor and the anatomy of dragons. It allows scales to be harvested from dragon corpses with the 'skinning' skill and crafted into armor with the 'leathercraft' skill. Dragonscale armor is made at your warrior level (or the level of the skin, whichever is lower) and is warrior-flagged. Like leather armor, you can make dragonscale armor on behalf of others, though it will be their warrior level, or yours if their warrior level is higher. Dragon scales tend to be tougher than the skins of most beasts, and are always resistant to breath attacks. Different varieties of dragons will yield skins with different resistances consistent with their natural properties. Dragon scales, being more rigid than leather, can be crafted into effective shields. See also 'leathercraft'

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