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Keywords are: 'warrior skill dragonslayer lance dragonlance slayer dragonbreath breath defense dbd' Skill: dragonbreath defense Lvl 29 Warr (28%) (important) Requires: dragon lore and shield block Speed: average Skill: dragonslayer Lvl 36 Warr (28%) (important) Requires: dragonbreath defense and charge Speed: very slow Usage: lance check - check your dragonslayer equipment lance <dragon> - attack a dragon with a dragon lance set dbd - enable or disable dragonbreath defense The dragonslayer and dragon defense skills are very high level special tactics, using special weapons and shields, against dragons. The traditional weapon requirement for dragon slaying is a two handed piercing weapon that is at least as long as you are tall. While shorter weapons can sometimes be used, longer weapons allow more reach and are easier to work with. The dragonbreath defense skill works to defend against dragonbreath of all different kinds. In order to use this skill, you must either be using a shield, or have a shield in your inventory. It is recommended that the shield be at least two thirds your size - smaller shields will work, but provide less protection. Note that you must be strong enough to use the shield! You can use the 'lance check' command to check your dragon slaying equipment and make sure you're strong enough to use it. You can use the 'set dbd' command to disable dragonbreath defense if necessary. Once you learn the dragonslayer skill, the 'consider' command will automatically tell you if dragonslaying techniques will be effective against a potential target.

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