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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell durhams guiding spirit guide' Spell: durhams guiding spirit Mana: 16 Int: 18 Wis: 16 Lvl 11 Necr (28%) (helpful) Requires: dread portent Usage: cast durhams guiding spirit <target> Long ago, a man named Durham walked the earth. He was a traveler, an explorer - it is said that there was no place in the realm that he had not seen or visited. A terrible fate befell him, and he was killed by a powerful evil necromancer. Before his spirit could pass on, the necromancer cast a powerful curse, causing the spirit of Durham to forever walk the lands he knew so well. The spirit of Durham may be summoned with this spell to provide the location of another person. Once the spell is cast, the spirit will appear, and wait for a token (typically a few hundred gold coins will suffice). If Durham's spirit is satisfied with the gift, it will search the realm and tell you approximately where that person is. The spell only binds the spirit for a short period of time, and if the spirit does not receive its token, it will leave.

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