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Keywords are: 'empty' Usage: empty <container> empty <container> -force The empty command will allow you to empty a container onto the ground, be it a liquid container full of a stale brew or a bag full of pebbles. The container must be open, and you must be able to lift it naked. Note that if you're carrying the container, you must use the '-force' switch to empty it. This prevents people from accidentally emptying the wrong container. You can empty a container into another container, if you are carrying both containers. You can also empty a container you are carrying onto a table on the ground. This respects the capacity of the receiving object, so you may be left with objects in the emptying container if they do not fit. Corpses are a special case, where you can only empty a corpse if it contains binding equipment. Unbinding equipment is a huge spam problem if corpses are emptied. Bound equipment will time out if left on the ground for too long.

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