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Keywords are: 'mage skill enchant fire ice lightning elements' Skill: enchant fire Lvl 24 Mage (42%) (obscure) Requires: fire focusing and forge simple weapon Profession Skill: enchant ice Lvl 30 Mage (42%) (obscure) Requires: ice focusing and forge simple weapon Profession Skill: enchant lightning Lvl 27 Mage (42%) (obscure) Requires: lightning focusing and forge simple weapon Profession Usage: enchant <object> fire enchant <object> ice enchant <object> lightning These skills are used to bind elemental energy from a carried spell component to weapons, as well as shields, boots and gloves. When so enchanted, the object will deal the specified damage. Lightning is the easiest to bind, but it can only be bound to metal or crystal objects. Binding ice is the most difficult and costly, and it adheres best to bone and ice. Objects that already have elemental damage types cannot be enchanted in this fashion, and objects that are poisoned or under a flame blade and similar effects cannot be enchanted until the effect wears off. The spell component must have an affinity matching the desired elemental damage and a level at least as high as the object to be enchanted. These enchantments are permanent, cost one combat point and have a gold cost. The spell component used as a reagent is consumed. Weapons may have their attack speed slightly lowered by this enchant. Please note that conjured coldfire is a spiritual substance and beyond the purview of mages. It cannot be harnessed as a reagent for enchant ice. Only objects that are type WEAPON, ARMOR, OTHER, TREASURE or MAGIC can be so enchanted.

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