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Keywords are: 'events holidays advent' Events are special happenings within Alter Aeon, usually occuring around holidays. They involve creatures, objects, areas, arenas and legacy quests that are not always available. Most events have a storyline to follow. Some events are just for fun, while others are centered around new game content, such as spells, skills, areas or, rarely, an increase in maximum character level. There are small changes that happen around the game as well, the most notable being seasonable objects that pop up randomly when foraging, such as pumpkins in the fall, and special craftable items that become visible during holidays. Events are typically held around solstices and equinoxes, with special Halloween and Thanksgiving events in the fall. Other events include our December Advent, in which gifts are given to players once a day. Most events are orchestrated by the worldbuilder Morpheus, who functions as our Master of Ceremonies.

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