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Keywords are: 'cleric spell expiation expiate' Spell: expiation Mana: 44 Wis: 35 Chr: 31 Lvl 36 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: prayer for the dying and breath of life (Can Be Cast On Others) Usage: cast expiation <target> 'Expiation' is a utility spell that a cleric casts on a target that is grouped with him. While under its duration, the magic of the spell attempts to intercept damage to the target, transferring some of the damage away from the target and toward the caster instead. This works with all incoming damage, be they physical attacks or magical attacks, but it does not split damage caused from self-inflicted wounds The caster has no defense and must rely on the target's defense. If the caster takes enough damage, he can die. A caster can only expiate on behalf of one other character at a time, although multiple casters may expiate damage for the same character, and damage will be spread among all of them. Any such caster must be in the same room as the target for the spell to work. Unlike most targetted spells, the bulk of the magic remains with the caster for its duration. If a caster so affected wishes to expiate for a different character, he can cast the spell on the new target without penalty. If the remaining duration of the spell is low, it can be recast to extend its duration, either on the same target or a different one at the caster's choosing. Note that bonding in this way represents a godly commitment, and there is no way for the target to avoid the spell's effect short of ungrouping or leaving the area for the duration of the spell. (Since this spell is to the target's benefit, this is usually not an issue.) The caster can end the spell by casting it on himself. This spell cannot be groupcast.

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